LibreOffice 6.1 fits Windows 10

LibreOffice is an office suite for ALL operating systems. With the Breeze icons for LibreOffice 5.0 it is integrated into the Plasma desktop. With LibreOffice 6.0 it get Elementary support, so one of the last platform where LibreOffice didn’t follow the OS brand is Windows.

With the coming LibreOffice 6.1 release LibreOffice will fit Windows (10) perfectly with the new Colibre icon theme.


Initial charliecnr work on a Office 2013 clone, but as this theme has some licence issues, I start the complete new icon theme Colibre. Colibre follow the icon design guidelines from Microsoft, which mean Colibre will use the same color scheme than MS Office. The typologie of the icons follow Breeze and Elementary.

So with LibreOffice 6.1 Windows get the first Office Suite that fits perfect the operation system style.

Download LibreOffice 6.1

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CoLibre 10.png

29 thoughts on “LibreOffice 6.1 fits Windows 10

  1. Hello. This is a very nice icon set! Will there be a vector version too? The other icon themes can look distorted when the interface is enlarged on HiDPI displays.


      1. Very nice icon set! I’m also interested in the SVG package to use on an HiDPI system. Just wanted to know if it’s current possible to download and test Colibre_svg at this time.

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      2. Hopefully someone can clarify for me…. Do we need to install the SVG icon set separately / manually? I ask because just installed LibreOffice 6.1 and definitely this beautiful icon set is all horribly pixelated on my HighDPI display.


  2. Will they fix elementary icon theme? It currently has absolute confusing saving icon that don’t get updated with any changes. Because of that it’s unusable.


    1. You can be lucky, I am also the maintainer of elementary icons. Will check and fix.

      In libreoffice the user can choose between different icon themes you don’t have to use the default one.


      1. Thanks. I re-checked it now and it looks like the main issue is fixed and the “save” icon is updating by changing the color. It’s not as obvious as in other icon themes and icon itself is not apparent as to what it does but at least it works and one can get use to how it works.
        I was too hasty writing this comment above, but I waited so long for it so I assumed that it hasn’t been done since I last checked it.


    1. I don’t know cause some distros ship icon packages separate. As colibre is the replacement for galaxy, which is the global backup icon theme, colibre should be included.


  3. LibreOffice is finally beautiful! It no longer looks like an old 1995 program. I will no longer wince every time LibreOffice opens or feel kind of embarrassed when others see it (and then try to convince them to use it). A GUI theme may seem trivial, but it is a first impression and an environment one lives in for hours at a time, so it is a big deal. Thank you very much for your hard work. It is appreciated! 🙂

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  4. The icons for “insert columns” and “Insert rows” are missing in calc for small size icons, it shows the entire sentences “insert columns left”, “insert columns right” etc, it takes a lot of space of the notebookbar interface.
    Overall it really looks nice now on windows 10


  5. Esse tema Colibre é o melhor tema do LibreOffice. Com certeza o padrão daqui para frente! Com certeza a melhor interface para a suítes de todos os tempos! Parabéns pelo trabalho, realmente fantástico! Lindo!


  6. I am using Windows 10, LibreOffice 6.1. However, I only get 3 options for the UI (Standard Toolbar, Single Toolbar, Sidebar). I can’t find the Tabbed Toolbar, Groupedbar, and Groupedbar Compact. Need help here.


  7. i have exactly the same problem with win 10 and libreoffice 6.1, i enabled the experimental features but no toolbar visible, then i choose colibre theme but nothing happens neither. A hint would really appreciated. Thanks guys!


  8. Can you please create a version for dark themes, for example Breeze dark theme?
    Breeze dark icon theme is just white and for example save as pdf icon is not very good to distinguish from other icons. That is I prefer colourful icon themes. On the other hand Office 2013 theme for Writer is only for white themes. On dark theme B I U icons are barely visible. All users regardless on Windows or Linux need a colourful theme that fits dark theme.

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    1. dark theme! PLEEEEEAAAZZZZEEEE! everything is dark in my working env., even windows fall creators got a dark theme, now libre is the last thing missing 😉 taaaaaaaaank yooooooooouaa!


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