Check the defaults

Please check the new default icon themes for LibreOffice 6.1.

  • Windows switch from Tango to Colibre tdf#90194
  • Gnome and GTK switch from Tango to Elementary tdf#116695
  • Linux KDE stay with Breeze
  • OS-X discussion is still open tdf#116916

Windows: Tango to Colibre

Gnome based desktops: Tango to Elementary

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9 thoughts on “Check the defaults

  1. It’s not so much that I prefer Tango, Elementary, Colibre, or any other icon theme; it’s that the switch from consistency by default to inconsistency stands out to me. It also occurs to me that this switch toward inconsistency by default is not obvious and (as far as I know) has not been explained.

    Why would one choose to want to, say, learn two different icons to export to a PDF or save a document because they’re using GNOME versus Windows?

    I suggest that this explanation should be made somewhere in the LibreOffice documentation (so it’s readily available to those that install the docs) and linked to this blog article.


    1. Libreoffice has a policy of looking native in every OS where it is used.
      Therefore, using icon sets that look native in each desktop environment is a conscious choice. That’s why you have Colibre for W10, Breeze for KDE and Elementary for Gnome/Elementary.
      There are additional choices like Sifr as well.

      Considering the open nature of LO this is open for debate.


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