LibO svg icon themes

If you need the breeze or colibre icon theme in svg you can download them:

As the svg images are called like the one with png search at your operation system after the zip file and replace (backup first) the png with the svg one.


3 thoughts on “LibO svg icon themes

  1. thank you very much for great work. I have downloaded them, but I dont know how to apply them in Linux Mint. Where to copy the zip file? Do you need to unpack them, as well?


    1. I have found a way to apply tie icon pack manually πŸ™‚ I downloaded the file from here With installation of this file you would not succeed unless you have LibreOffice 6.1 installed. That was not my case (I have version 6.0.6). Therefore you have to follow these steps:

      1. unpack the file libreoffice-style-colibre_6.1.0~rc3-1_all.deb with your favourite archive manager for example to your desktop
      2. open system files as root
      3. copy the shortcut (found on your desktop in unpacked file: /./usr/lib/libreoffice/share/config/) to usr/lib/libreoffice/share/config/ in your system files
      4. copy the folder libreoffice-style-colibre (found on your desktop in unpacked file: /./usr/share/bug/) to usr/share/bug/ in your system files
      5. copy the file (found on your desktop in unpacked file /./usr/share/libreoffice/share/config/) to usr/share/libreoffice/share/config/ in your system files
      6. open LibreOffice (i.e. Writer), then Tools > Options > View and find here Icon themes. You can change the styl to Colibre πŸ™‚

      Enjoy πŸ™‚


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