Contex menu

The last week(s) I played around with the different xml files in popupmenu for the different LibreOffice apps.

First I had to learn a lot, cause I found out that Jay did a lot in the past and LibreOffice is not a “playground” project anymore. There are millions of users out there and they need stabilisation and no renewal for each release. So good news.

On the other Hand, I start learn how it work and found out some missing app consistency so I’d like to submit patches to show our users that LibreOffice consist of severall apps but the behavior is the same everywhere.


You can follow the discussion by add you to the Context Menu Meta bug. Discussion for Draw and Graphic contextmenues.


4 thoughts on “Contex menu

  1. “Rotate or Flip …” is simply not OK (for the same reason we are not using “Copy, Cut or Paste …” or “Arrange or Align …” as a command with submenu in context menus).


      1. Maybe it is, but it does not seem right …
        With this proposal it is brought into the spotlight and we should discuss anything making the context menu better, right?


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