Context Menubar

I need feedback for a Context Menubar update. Discussion please at bugzilla.

The overall idea was written in tdf#119398 where I also add an screenshot of the first 5 context menues to get an overview.

1. Graphic context menu tdf#119412

Contextmenu Change Request_01_graphic.png

Left is always LibreOffice 6.1 and right is the proposal change.

2. Draw context menu tdf#119506

Contextmenu Change Request_02_draw.png

3. Media context menu tdf#119532

Contextmenu Change Request_03_media.png

4. OLE context menu tdf#119580

Contextmenu Change Request_04_oleobject.png

5. Form context menu tdf#119532

Contextmenu Change Request_05_form.png


Structure of all 5 context menus are similar

  1. cut, copy, paste
    is always the same (tdf#119581 switch to copy, cut, paste)
  2. “EDIT” group
    for graphic edit graphic with crop, save, …
    for draw edit points
    for media nothing, cause play, pause isn’t available
    for OLE nothing
    for form Control, Form and Replace with
  3. Dialogue group
    position, line, area
    position is importend for draw and impress, in writer and calc ordinary not
    line and area if available
  4. Arrange and Transform group
    Anchor, Wrap, Align, Arrange, Rotate or Flip, Transformations, Convert
    sorting is always the same
    Transformations and Convert are available in Draw and Impress
  5. Description and Style group
    Will show Caption, Properties, Name, Style, …
    in writer it’s Insert Caption
    in calc it’s assign Macro
    in draw it’s Name to rename items for better navigation in the navigator
    in impress it’s interaction
    draw and impress support “simple” style functions.

If you’d like my work and be part of the story become a Patreondownloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg


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