LibreOffice 6.3 todo

Planned for the LibreOffice 6.3 release

  • Tabbed compact Notebookbar out of experimental
  • Groupedbar Notebookbar out of experimental
  • Shortcut improvements
  • Sifr finalize as svg icon theme

If you have something I can improvements, so UI and design related stuff, …

If you like my work, become a downloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg


4 thoughts on “LibreOffice 6.3 todo

  1. Is there any plans for customisation of the user interface in a way similar to Firefox colour? For colour blind users this would help usability. This would be really great to have and set Libre Office apart from the competition.

    Or any improvements to the personalisation options in as much as different themes could be used for different applications in the suite? This would also be useful. You could have different backgrounds with contextual information.


  2. 1. Fix bug 122159 so that contracts in Word which frequently contain style separators such as for definition
    clauses can be saved in Writer.
    2. Adopt the “Title Case” command from Zotero (Info tab right click on “Title” to access command) so that: Only Major Words in a Title (not prepositions etc) are Capitalized not Small Letters! Saves performing the annoying correction after pressing “Capitalize Every Word”


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