did tabbed toolbar waste space?

With the release of 6.2 I read a lot of comments on the different threads. Several issues are listed. One was that Ribbons waste vertical space.

Tabbed toolbar waste vertical space

With default settings the standard toolbar need 110 px vertical space (menubar + 2 toolbar height), tabbed toolbar need 100 px and groupedbar compact 72 px. So the default toolbar need most vertical space.


Difference in height (with GTK3 backend)

  • 110 px for standard toolbar need most vertical space cause the default icon size is 24px (large icons) and you have two toolbars and the menubar
  • 100 px for tabbed toolbar cause the default icon size is 16px (small) and you don’t need an menubar.
  • 72 px for groupedbar compact need the same vertical space than single toolbar.

Yes MSO Ribbons need a lot of vertical space, which is an issue on laptops. Therefore you can show the tabbs only. In LibreOffice we have different UI’s for different workflows, but also for different screen’s. For example on your 32 inch office screen you’d like to work with standard toolbar but on mobile you prefer tabbed compact toolbar (which will be released with 6.3).

On windows the difference between LibreOffice tabbed toolbare and MS Office ribbons is

94 px vs. 110 px

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6 thoughts on “did tabbed toolbar waste space?

  1. Just wanted to say, great work!
    I love “grupped bar” because it occupies less space and all needed functions are one of two clicks away.
    Would love option to customize it, but I’ll survive without it also since 95% of functions are already there. 🙂


  2. First of all I want to thank the developers for the tabbed toolbar! In your comparison I noticed that you switched off the menu only for tabbed toolbar. This saves vertical space.
    I cannot switch off the menu bar using libreoffice 6.2 on kubuntu 18.04. So for me indeed the tabbed toolbar takes too much space.
    Additionally and perhaps more to the point: I feel the tabs are too wide vertically. This seems to be governed by the necessary height of the icons on the left side. I would rather that the wide tabs are reduced in side somewhat and the space allocated to where it is needed the most: in the toolbar itself.


  3. I meant to say: switched off the menu for both non-standard toolbars. Why is the menu not switched off automatically when switching to the non-standard toolbars?


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