Bugfixing [done]

Great Icon bugs get fixed!

LibreOffice do organize the bugs into [META] bugs, which is great cause when you link the bug to different [META] bugs you can organize bugfixing over different groups. I care about BUG 106228 which is the Icon meta bug and as you can see most of the icon bugs need developer work. Everything I could fix myself is nearly done.

There are two bigger tasks, but with great effort open

1. svg support for icons bug 124940

All main icon themes are available in svg, but the svg2png libreoffice renderer give bad quality, so we have to ship the png icons. If we could use the svg icons instead of the png, it mean less work for the designers and the posibility to have color scheme support for icons. 100% dark icon theme support and full color support. What a great improvement.

2. language support bug bug 124956

We have colibre, elementary, breeze, sifr, tango icon theme therefore the design group did the icons, some icons like bold, italic, strickout, underline, overline, … have letters which work fine for english users but had to be drawen for other languages. But to know which letter should be used we need the translation team so translation team please submit an bug report for each language and add at depends on 124956, than we will do the icon work.


Colibre, elementary, sifr, breeze will be in an good shape for the 6.3 release, but to fix the last bugs, we need developers, translation team, documentation team, … everybody in one team.


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