AutoCorrect Dialog

I add an additional item on my (very long) todo list:

  • Update LibreOffice Dialogs

One Dialog is finished AutoCorrect tdf#127773 (left 6.3, right 6.4)

In addition to an better placement the Word Completion Tab should be now easier to understood.

Character Dialog tdf#127927, Paragraph Dialog tdf#128239 and > 100 Dialogs are on my todo list. If you like my work, become a


GUI widget prototyping


If you think nothing happens in LibreOffice, that’s not true. I for example prepair some new Templates and Galleries for LibreOffice.

GUI Widgets for LibreOffice (Draw)

If you are interested, join the LibreOffice Design Team.

My todo list for LibreOffice 6.4


LibreOffice 6.3 isn’t release but I have already plans for the 6.4 winter release. I have two (three) main topics:

  • Tabbed, Tabbed compact, Groupedbar, Groupedbar compact, Contextual Single toolbar layout style should be done for writer, calc, draw and impress
  • all layouts should be available for the other apps like chart, master, form, …
  • LibO 6.4 will get customization support for NB so here stuff has to be done (thanks to GSOC student Sumit Chauhan)
Unified Styles, Design and Brand
  • I plan to update all style related stuff like
    • bullet styles
    • table styles
    • shape styles
    • everything that result into an image/drawing
  • I also plan to make unified stuff like
    • templates for all apps
    • gallery presets with an unified brand
    • smartart templates and predefinitions
Icon stuff
  • as Colibre, Sifr, Breeze are in a good shape and thanks to Rizal Muttaqin I don’t plan a new icon theme or big changes here
  • 32px icon size draw and review
  • For sure maintenance work will be done
  • as all icon themes are available in svg also for fix HiDPI bugs the icons are prepared
What can you do
  • for the brand, unified style and design stuff I could need help
  • join the design group
  • help with better styles support (code)
  • give me your knowledge
    • send me links to examples
    • send me links to other apps that did the job well
    • submit feedback

I contribute 100 % in my spare time, so if you like my work, become a downloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg