menubar updates [updated]

The LibreOffice guidelines say that you should show icons on the most important items


Now the menubar show only the most important items so the user didn’t flash with icons, the user get an better overview of the menubars.

happy hacking.


menubar updates

Every powerfull text editor like, kate, sublime, notepad++, VS Code, … has it the menubar. Now even better in LibreOffice.


Items with subgroups were arranged at the end of groups , so it’s faster to read the menubar and the groups are between 3-4 items. Tiny changes with big effort.

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icons everywhere

All items in the menubar have now an icon. Some items are missing tdf#124200 but in general all commands will show an icon in the menubar.

Icons Everywhere

For 6.3 all supported icon themes will have the new icons. Now you can check them out in Sifr (which is complete new for 6.3 release).

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It’s time to register to the GSOC programm for the different LibreOffice tasks.

As the notebookbar is available for the regular users I hope to get students how are interested in Improve the LibreOffice notebookbar.

Open tasks are

And of corse there are some open bugs (tdf#102062) and missing uno commands that need to be done.

So join the LibreOffice GSOC project and be part of an open and helpful community.

did tabbed toolbar waste space?

With the release of 6.2 I read a lot of comments on the different threads. Several issues are listed. One was that Ribbons waste vertical space.

Tabbed toolbar waste vertical space

With default settings the standard toolbar need 110 px vertical space (menubar + 2 toolbar height), tabbed toolbar need 100 px and groupedbar compact 72 px. So the default toolbar need most vertical space.


Difference in height (with GTK3 backend)

  • 110 px for standard toolbar need most vertical space cause the default icon size is 24px (large icons) and you have two toolbars and the menubar
  • 100 px for tabbed toolbar cause the default icon size is 16px (small) and you don’t need an menubar.
  • 72 px for groupedbar compact need the same vertical space than single toolbar.

Yes MSO Ribbons need a lot of vertical space, which is an issue on laptops. Therefore you can show the tabbs only. In LibreOffice we have different UI’s for different workflows, but also for different screen’s. For example on your 32 inch office screen you’d like to work with standard toolbar but on mobile you prefer tabbed compact toolbar (which will be released with 6.3).

On windows the difference between LibreOffice tabbed toolbare and MS Office ribbons is

94 px vs. 110 px

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LibreOffice 6.3 and Sifr

Tomorrow LibreOffice 6.2 will be released. Time to give you some information what will come in LibreOffice 6.3.

My work in process is an huge update of the sifr icon theme


Sifr icon theme todo:

  1. Make Sifr SVG ready
    Draw some thousands new svg icons.
  2. Redraw icons to have an unique design
    All icons should use an 2px wide line. Make all lines grid align so blur will be reduced as much as possible.
  3. Finish Sifr
    A lot of icons are missing in Sifr which will be added.

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