Layout updates

You know the LibreOffice community work hard on the LibreOffice 7.1 Christmas release. Did you know that LibreOffice has 7 different UI Layouts? With the next release, our uses will be informed after the installation. Thanks to Heiko for the new dialog.

As all users get informed about the different UI layouts don’t forget to write a bug report, that everybody will have the best Office Suite. If you like my work become a


Bright side of LibreOffice

LibreOffice has a very useful sidebar so it’s time to make them shiny even more. I made an proposal for an sidebar upgrade.

Sidebar layout proposal

Layout 1 vs Layout 2

LibreOffice use two different Sidebar layouts

  1. left: where widgets are in two columns and the label is above the widget
  2. right: where the labels are left and the widgets right

I’m happy with both layouts, but I would prefer to have for one specific task only one Layout.

  • For example, the text sections will be visible when you select text and when you write text in a table, so it should be natural that both sections use the same layout as you can see in the screenshot.
  • On the right there is a drawing selected so all sections should have the same layout as you can see in the left screenshot. If you think, true but where is the change request, start your LibreOffice and check out the sidebar.

I already start to write bug report’s for so that everybody can give transparent feedback.

So I hope to get some feedback the global [META] bug to see the improvement will be BUG 103459

Image Compression

Finally LibreOffice image compression did what you expect. Shrink your image or the impress presentation and don’t destroy your pictures.

Old default settings were 90 for JPEG Quality and reduce image resolution to 96 DPI.

New settings are 80 for JPEG Quality and reduce image resolution to 300 DPI. It frustrate me for long time that with 96 DPI all images that will be compressed with LibreOffice are blurred and didn’t fit in any case. After write Bug 128658 and nobody fixed the bug for me, I fixed it myself with 7 lines of code 🙂

The best bug report are the reports you can fix yourself. Be proud of yourself fill bug reports and fix them yourself.