Check the defaults

Please check the new default icon themes for LibreOffice 6.1.

  • Windows switch from Tango to Colibre tdf#90194
  • Gnome and GTK switch from Tango to Elementary tdf#116695
  • Linux KDE stay with Breeze
  • OS-X discussion is still open tdf#116916

Windows: Tango to Colibre

Gnome based desktops: Tango to Elementary

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Breeze icon theme

The breeze icon theme was my first task for LibreOffice back in 2014. 4 Months later I proudly present the new LO Breeze icon set with more than 2.500 icons for LibreOffice.


Breeze get the default icon theme for the KDE desktop with LibreOffice 5.0. Ubuntu switch to breeze cause they stop the development of there own icon theme and prefer breeze. As LibreOffice Online was announced 2016 they ship breeze cause it was the only icon theme with full svg support. And Breeze was also the default on OSX cause sifr lack of icons.

With breeze big success story started. If you’d like to be part of the story become a Patreondownloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg

You can read the full story on the following blog posts:

LibreOffice 6.1 fits Windows 10

LibreOffice is an office suite for ALL operating systems. With the Breeze icons for LibreOffice 5.0 it is integrated into the Plasma desktop. With LibreOffice 6.0 it get Elementary support, so one of the last platform where LibreOffice didn’t follow the OS brand is Windows.

With the coming LibreOffice 6.1 release LibreOffice will fit Windows (10) perfectly with the new Colibre icon theme.


Initial charliecnr work on a Office 2013 clone, but as this theme has some licence issues, I start the complete new icon theme Colibre. Colibre follow the icon design guidelines from Microsoft, which mean Colibre will use the same color scheme than MS Office. The typologie of the icons follow Breeze and Elementary.

So with LibreOffice 6.1 Windows get the first Office Suite that fits perfect the operation system style.

Download LibreOffice 6.1

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CoLibre 10.png