Context Menubar

I need feedback for a Context Menubar update. Discussion please at bugzilla.

The overall idea was written in tdf#119398 where I also add an screenshot of the first 5 context menues to get an overview.

1. Graphic context menu tdf#119412

Contextmenu Change Request_01_graphic.png

Left is always LibreOffice 6.1 and right is the proposal change.

2. Draw context menu tdf#119506

Contextmenu Change Request_02_draw.png

3. Media context menu tdf#119532

Contextmenu Change Request_03_media.png

4. OLE context menu tdf#119580

Contextmenu Change Request_04_oleobject.png

5. Form context menu tdf#119532

Contextmenu Change Request_05_form.png


Structure of all 5 context menus are similar

  1. cut, copy, paste
    is always the same (tdf#119581 switch to copy, cut, paste)
  2. “EDIT” group
    for graphic edit graphic with crop, save, …
    for draw edit points
    for media nothing, cause play, pause isn’t available
    for OLE nothing
    for form Control, Form and Replace with
  3. Dialogue group
    position, line, area
    position is importend for draw and impress, in writer and calc ordinary not
    line and area if available
  4. Arrange and Transform group
    Anchor, Wrap, Align, Arrange, Rotate or Flip, Transformations, Convert
    sorting is always the same
    Transformations and Convert are available in Draw and Impress
  5. Description and Style group
    Will show Caption, Properties, Name, Style, …
    in writer it’s Insert Caption
    in calc it’s assign Macro
    in draw it’s Name to rename items for better navigation in the navigator
    in impress it’s interaction
    draw and impress support “simple” style functions.

If you’d like my work and be part of the story become a Patreondownloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg


Contex menu

The last week(s) I played around with the different xml files in popupmenu for the different LibreOffice apps.

First I had to learn a lot, cause I found out that Jay did a lot in the past and LibreOffice is not a “playground” project anymore. There are millions of users out there and they need stabilisation and no renewal for each release. So good news.

On the other Hand, I start learn how it work and found out some missing app consistency so I’d like to submit patches to show our users that LibreOffice consist of severall apps but the behavior is the same everywhere.


You can follow the discussion by add you to the Context Menu Meta bug. Discussion for Draw and Graphic contextmenues.

2018 week 27 LibreOffice log


Week 27 start with the hard string freeze for 6.1 So I was a bit hurry to submit the last patches for Notebookbar implementations to get everything translated. Thanks to Cloph I get everything into 6.1. After that the second part was the Notebookbar codebase changes made from GSOC student Kshitij Pathania and his mentor Szymon Kłos. I don’t know how but everything was backported to 6.1 and so our experimental users can test the different Notebookbar implementations so that we hopefully get an awesome NB release with 6.2. Bugfixing was no on top of the todo list.

Icon Themes

Colibre icons get full support for 32px icon size so you can change in Options -> View -> Toolbar icon size -> Extra Large. General Colibre icon size bugfixing was always in focus to get an awesome initial Colibre icon theme release.


Elementary icon theme is now default on all GTK platforms so they get some updates to get ready for the 6.1 release.

Breeze icons get also some updated icons for a wonderful 6.1 release.

Tango icons was default on Windows and GTK platforms in 6.0 but in 6.1 it want be default any more. There are some reason first is the lack of maintainer. As galaxy icons were dropped from the core LibreOffice repository (available via the extension webpage) tango icons need some tweaks to get ready for 6.1 without galaxy.

In general Colibre, Breeze and Elementary should be ready for 6.1 and the new icons needed for the different Notebookbar implementations. Some minor work has to be done next week.


I love the LibreOffice menubar and Jay did a great work in the last releases but the layout of the different LibreOffice apps were not 100% consistent so I submit some patches to get a better synchronization between the different apps.


For the full list of changes check the gerrit history log I’m talking about 30 patches. In the next weeks I’ll work on the different icon themes I’m the maintainer and submit missing icons to Colibre, Breeze and Elementary icon theme to get a gread 6.1 release.

If you’d like to be part of the story become a Patreondownloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg

New App icons

LibreOffice get new app icons. The style is the same than before cause I love the existing work. So in general it’s only a more flat app icon set cause it fit’s now better into the design language of the operation systems and desktop environmental.

As I don’t have OS-X it would be very helpful if someone can generate the (38) .icns icon files. All files are available in svg and png.